Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I hate hate hate forgetting something. Even worse I hate that sinking feeling you get at the pit of stomach when you realize you forgot something. Then the panic feeling of oh shit I really forgot something! Especially when it was a prior commitment. I just remembered this morning that I told my alumni board that I would join to help out the house. That I would be an advisor. Except the meeting was yesterday and guess who didn't show. This girl. I hate that. I hate that I forgot. I hate that I didn't keep my word because I forgot. I sent my frantic apologetic email stating I was sorry and I still wanted to help out and if she would let me know when the next meeting is I would be there. Now I'm going to go around all day being paranoid that I am forgetting things. *sigh*

-forgetfully paranoid

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Jackie Marie said...

You also forgot to come over and get that stuff.. you know.. that stuff you said you'd come over and get.. ;) Teasing. :) No worries. We all need blackberries nowadays.. Seriously. :)