Friday, January 19, 2007


I've always been slow to change. Always. I was born two months late for Pete's sake! So of course it’s taken me awhile to adjust to the thought of blogging. Two years after a dear friend told me she was a blogger and I should do it, I've decided that I could start doing it. So here I am blogging.

Well my 2007 has started off pretty damn good. I won a contest at work so now they are going to send me to St. Lucia on an all inclusive all expense paid trip! And I actually had a reason to go and get a passport so now I feel like a real traveler! I also get to go on my first business trip which is to San Diego, CA and that sounds pretty damn good considering the weather we are experiencing here. And they gave me a raise! So I'm pretty much happy with my current company!

And Grey's was on last night! It was so good, I cried. I laughed and cried some more. However I'm not excited about this new relationship they are creating for Alex and Addison. To me it’s not believable (no comment about how you feel like the rest of the show insert sarcastic tone is sooo believable). The Office wasn't as good as normal either and I think it was because Michael actually appeared normal. That was bizarre. I did appreciate the end though. And the RW RR challenge end was slightly disappointing. We knew who would win even though I was rooting for the underdog.

I finally got my car out of my iced-in driveway and I feel like a 16 year old who just got their license and doesn't care where they drive as long as their driving. It wasn't an easy task getting my car out since it hadn't moved since last Thursday but thankfully my roommate's boyfriend had a monster truck and basically towed me out of the spot. So if anyone needs a ride let me know! However I will not come in get you once this blizzard starts (yes the blizzard of 4" to 6").


Jackie Marie said...

I think.. wait I KNOW.. I am very excited about this!!! :)

♥Joy♥ said...

HAHA well...found this link on Jackie's site when I checked it. Welcome to the bloggin' world!