Friday, February 9, 2007

Does Anna Nicole really deserve this much attention for her death? Seriously...the media is losing their mind. I wonder if Paris Hilton will see this as threat to her celebrity and do some annoy stunt to get attention.

Its Friday! I don't have to work!! I got my Internet to work on my PC at home! I'm excited! It only took me literally 4 hours to get it working. I guess I'm not a computer guru but I did it!!

I need to start shopping for St. Lucia! I can't wait. I'm debating on if I want to buy a new camera for this trip. I really want one but not sure if I want to spend the money to get one. I'll keep debating on that in my head.

I'm finally having game night! I'm so excited. However I should be cleaning my house but I'm blogging (anything to not clean). I'm going to make snacks as well. Hopefully it'll fun and entertaining. And no one will die from food poisoning. I might make everyone sign a waiver before playing or I'll probably just resort to premade snacks like Cheese-Its.

This has been a super busy work week. I didn't get to eat any lunch this week and the earliest I left work was 6. So I'm tired and did not enjoy going into work this morning so I could attend our sales meeting. (I did go, just didn't enjoy doing it.)

So my thoughts on Grey's...creepy little girl. Too creepy and I don't care if she was on one of the ships. Too creepy and its creepy that they have Meredith trying to relate to her. It just doesn't seem to be connecting. Alex was too cute on that episode with the woman that he saved. He's starting to become a nice guy with an edge to him. Hopefully the next episode will be better. Maybe that creepy little girl is the one who caused the accident.

Ok I'm off to clean or procrastinate more!!

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