Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The count down has begun!

T -17 days! Then I'm on my way to St. Lucia!! In the Caribbean! Jealous?? I can't wait! Yet, I haven't started shopping for a swim suit. Crazy but I just can't get motivated to try one of those things on when its snowing and the high is below 30. Just can't. Maybe there will be a nude beach.

So on the Today Show I saw this blip (didn't see the whole thing) about how employers are looking at your internet pages to determine if they want to hire you. Really?! I don't act the same way at home as I do at work or any place I need to be a mature adult. I'm professional when I'm suppose be and I'm a 25 year old carefree woman when I'm on my own time. Sooo...that is now why almost all my things (i.e. myspace, facebook) are set to private. Can't find me. Although I'm sure I'm just fooling myself more then anybody else.

Rumor is out that one of my friends is pregnant. As in going to begin caring for a real live person that they created. I can't really handle it. I'm having a hard enough time that my friends are in marriages let alone creating actual families. I think this is all because I'm slow to change. I've always been slow to change. (I was born 2 months late people!) So I'm hoping that its just a rumor and I can live in my bubble that my friends aren't actually getting married they just have big parties and are now living with a boy.

Happy Hallmark Day!! (I hate this holiday and feel its worthless and setting everyone up for disappointment)

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