Monday, February 26, 2007

It's been awhile

So its been awhile since my last blog. Sorry. Work has been busy. Fun but super busy. I'm so excited the new campus is finally opening!! And every last one of you better come see me so we can get manicures and pedicures!! I'm so excited!

Well the rumor is true! My friend is pregnant! I'm surprised at how excited I am for her. I wasn't sure if I was ready to admit my friends are growing up but I'm so excited! I finally have a friend who will just tell you how it is. Point blank. So far she isn't a fan of it since she's nausea 24 hours out the day. She compared it to being hung over all the time. My hang overs are from hell and I always vomit so clearly this pregnant thing isn't for me. But I'm excited and can't wait to hear what size the baby is compared to food. I think that's the funniest thing. My baby is a size of a pea. And everyone always goes "ohhh a pea! How cute!" Makes me laugh. Cause then I just visualize this green pea with eyes.

So St. Lucia is this weekend. This freaking weekend. Ask me what I have done to prepare for this? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Why? I don't know I keep using the excuse that I've been busy but I've also been sitting on my ass not shopping for this trip. I think I've been putting it off so I can feverishly run around Tulsa demanding things for this vacation. Also I haven't received the $1,000 cash for this trip and I don't really want to ask my boss "Hey thanks for the trip and I know that you're busy putting together a new school but can I have my cash?" I think she would just fire me and take away the trip. (Actually I know she wouldn't but it's still weird to ask for that). of my other friends got boobs. Got to say I'm slightly jealous. So far I've only seen them in that weird sports bra thing but they look good in them. I can't wait till it doesn't hurt her to touch them because I'm so feeling them. I can't believe she went through with it. She's the only friend that I'm aware of that went through with cosmetic surgery. I'm excited! She's wanted them for so long and finally had the opportunity to do it and went for it! I also saw things that Dr. 90210 doesn't show you, like how she can't raise her arms or sit up without cursing at everything. There are some things that I think TV needs to show you so you can go "people get addicted to that? So they can feel like ass?" Doesn't make sense, but at least she's got pretty boobs!

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