Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hump Day

1. I hate History. At least this f-ing history class. I'm stressing out about it and feel like I'm an idiot because I do not know why William Jennings Bryan is against the Treaty of Paris. Boo on History.

2. I like my new responsibilities. Oh update for those that do not know - I'm transitioning into a position. I don't change lives but I do keep the company in compliance.

3. I got engagement presents. Here is an example of a thank you card I wrote. "Dear so & so, Thank you for the measuring cups and set of measuring spoons. I can't wait to use them!" For those that don't know, I nor Dave cook. But I have measuring cups in case someone needs to measure something!

4. Changed location of wedding reception. It's at a hotel and now I don't have to feel like an organizer for MADD because I was scared of people drinking and driving. Problem solved since they can get a room and we'll provide alcohol at the reception and in a hospitality suite. They can always us the hotel van if they really need to leave the place... no longer on my conscience!

5. I'm so out of shape it is no longer funny. I tried to this video workout which kicked my ass. Now its been almost a week since I've worked out because I'm staying late at work and studying for the stupid history test. I have promised myself that I will begin my workout routine again on Sunday. You are now my witness.

6. I have 2 back to back weddings on Sat and therefore can not go to the TU game. I'm disappointed. We were suppose to tailgate like a big school this Saturday. Which entailed getting there at 8 and making omelets and having mimosas.

7. My company is encouraging us to dress on Halloween. I want to dress up like Ms. America with a gown, crown and sash. Any ideas on where to get the sash? I'll take pictures and post. Any ideas on couple costumes for a Halloween party?

8. I keep thinking today is Tuesday and it's Wednesday. Which means I need to clean up the house I'm house sitting for and buckle down on this history study guide.


Jax said...

Love the new position! Where's the new place for the reception? I thought about callin you on that stuff yesterday, but feel sick so I went to bed instead.

As for sash, my friend got a huge ribbon at Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart and then used a glitter pen or something. That's also what we did in XO when I had the "princess" family and made them sashes. We took extra super wide ribbon, pinned it like a sash on us, superglued that. Then, took a glitter pen and wrote on it. Then took, the glitter pen and made little swirlies and dots on the sash.

Couples costumes...thats tough.. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts from pretty woman is a good one. You could dress like a hooker and he could carry a huge toy phone. There's Adam and Eve, but that's a little naked, huh? But, carrying an apple bitten into would be funny. I also have my border patrol costume that you can wear if you want. Aaron was running for the border.. which is tacky, but funny. So I guess it depends where you're going.

Okay, rambling. I dont know anything about history either. Good luck with that (said with a *YIKES*) :)


Jax said...

Realized "position" sounds gross to my perverted mind. I meant JOB. I love the new JOB. *sigh*