Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ok...I know it's been awhile since the last blog...and well A LOT HAS HAPPENED. For one I went on my vacation. However, I did not get to go to St. Lucia. Plus I've been pulling crazy hours at work ever since I got back. So here's the update....

Well the night before (around 11;30 mind up) my wonderful boyfriend calls me and tells me can't find his passport. That one important document that lets us go outside of the United States, yeah its missing. We're up all night looking for this damn thing that he swears "is on his desk." Nope. So we go to the airport anyways at 5 in the morning and see if there is some way that we can still go. (I would like to insert that one of my good friends did pick us up at my house at 5 in the morning). So...when we finally get to the check-in counter, we were informed that no he could not get on. The poor woman tried everything, asked for his birth certificate. Nope couldn't find that. Social security card. Nope not that either. Voter's registration card. eh-eh. Oh and its Sunday so nothing is open. This is where I started thinking that I could actually go by myself and one of my friends would probably jump on the next flight to join me. Instead I just look at my wondefully forgettful boyfriend like he could magically make things change. We proceed to get out of the line and let those with the appropriate documents check-in. We call a different friend to pick us up from the airport. (Even though I did text friends letting them know I wasn't going.)

Cut to 9am because nothing could be accomplished before then. I call the hotel they can't do anything. I call the travel agency, the trip is non-refundable, non-transferable. I call my mom.

10:30ish boyfriend arrives back at my place and calls the airlines. They let us know that we need to cancel our flight by 9:15 the following morning to keep the value of our ticket. So I have lost all hope of going. I call my mom again.

Around 11ish I have my boyfriend call my boss and thank her for the wondeful trip and then apologize for the fact that we're not going. The moment he hangs up my boss's assistant calls me asking me what's wrong. I try to not cry but explain that he doesn't have his passport. (Did I mention that we knew about this trip since January?) She told me to go back to his place try to look for it and she's going to think of another plan.

11:30ish I get a phone call from my boss's assistant that there is a flight to Puerto Rico at 1pm. That we don't need a passport to go there and that they'll work out the hotel stuff while we're in flight. Different friend takes us to the airport.

11:50ish we arrive at the airport were the check in people are asking us if we found the passport. We tell them "NO! We changed our plans and we're going to Puerto Rico!" They got us on the next flight to Puerto Rico!

10:30ish we arrive in Puerto Rico. We just so happened to have a couple of friends spending their spring break there and met up with them. Tons of fun from then on.

So the following day in Puerto Rico we go and visit Old San Juan. We walked around all day. When we got back to our hotel all I wanted to do was lay down. My legs hurt and I wanted rest. Strangely my boyfriend wanted to go walk the beach and watch the sunset. I agrued, while laying down, that the sun would set tomorrow and that not walking on the beach and laying in our bed is a better idea because we walked all day! He wouldn't let up. So I gave in and we down to walk the beach. We walked a little, played in the water a little. The sun had set behind the buildings and I still wanted to lay down before dinner. So I was ready to go back up but my boyfriend wouldn't let me. He finally tells me he has something to give me. I assume its a shell he found on the beach. Instead he starts telling me how wonderful I am and how much he loves me and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! I'm engaged!

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