Thursday, September 17, 2009

Random thoughts

Bootcamp plug: Come out to bootcamp! It's Monday and Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 10am at Zink Park at 31st and Trenton. It's $10/session. Most of us are out of shape and complain throughout the workout. We have all sizes. If you want a great workout come out and join us!

Work is crazy busy which is why I haven't had a chance to blog. One cool thing that's going on right now is we're showcasing one of Darryl Starbird's custom car. Its a '51 Mercury that he did custom fabrication on. It's pretty sweet, even if you're not into cars. Here's a pic and that's Darryl Starbird himself. If you don't know who Darryl Starbird is, he's famous for making custom cars. He has a muesum at Grand Lake.

The Britney concert was amazing! If you get an opportunity to go, go. Seriously, she knows how to put on a show. My camera did not take good pics so I'm not even going to post them. The lights really messed with my camera and I couldn't find a good setting. We did see several tranny's. One had on a nice ring leader out fit that cut off at the midriff and was all sequins. It was awesome.

Kelly's shower is this weekend!! I'm excited. I'm hosting so hopefully, things go smoothly. We're going shopping for food and stuff tonight. And between now and 8pm tomorrow I need to clean my house.

I'm running the fun run at the Race for the Cure on Saturday morning. Let's hope I don't die. We did a little bit of running during bootcamp and I my sides started cramping after 5 steps. So, dying really is a possibility. But if Matt can do a 10 min mile drunk, I think I can survive a fun run.

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Jax said...

hahah! You can definitely do the fun run! I'm excited for the game, but sad I'm missing bootcamp pretty much all week. Monday should be good though.. (famous last words). Brit was amazing.. AMAZING. I would like to see her perform again. Now. haha!