Monday, August 17, 2009

Cear Millan and the 8 minute Mile

I have decided that when I win the lottery I'm going to hire a photographer to follow me around and take party pics. I never have my camera when the opportunity arises that I MUST have a camera. Case in point: Friday Night.

My work week was from hell. And when Friday rolled around and I didn't get out of work until after 5 I was ready to unwind. So I crashed Matt and Rachel's date at ITR. I had a beer and crab dip and then we decided to drink back at their place. I showed Matt how to hook up his Wii to the Internet (you're welcome Rachel) and Matt and I played Mario Kart through Nintendo World on a Friday night. Yes we're that cool. Dave showed up by this point and we decided to play a drinking game. This of course lead to Drinking Cesar Millan. Which by the way will get you f-ed. Try the words dog, Cesar, pack, dominate, ssstttt, and rehabilitate. I finished three beers during one show and we watched two shows.

So after Cesar we discussed the bet that Rachel and Matt have going. I'm not going into details but if Matt runs and finishes a 5K race he gets a well deserved month long reward. This bet has been in place for about 6 months and he has yet to attempt to achieve it. So that night Matt some how got it in his head that he could make the same bet, only if he ran an 8 minute mile that night. So Dave and I cheered this idea on. Matt got dressed, I cursed at myself for not having a camera and we loaded into the car. This is where Rachel smacks her head as she's getting into the car and knocks herself out for a few seconds. She laid herself out in the yard. I don't think she was seriously hurt, because when she got up she still wanted to see Matt run his 8 minute. Matt ran his mile in 10 min 5 sec. I was 1) impressed he actually did it and 2) surprised he didn't throw up on himself.

Friday night wore me out so I didn't do anything on Sat and Sun.

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Andrea said...

I was talking about this drinking game with my brother in law this weekend. We both decided that when I pop this kid out we're playing.

The "tssst" cracks my ass up.