Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for:

  • That I haven't killed myself this week. It's been tempting since work has been hell with Monday's shenanigans and an employee quitting without notice on Wednesday, and the students being their super fun grumpy selves.
  • Nala, who decided to jump the fence and tear her dewclaw. It only cost me $230 to get it clipped. Because of this the vet tech informed me of the no jump harness. It looks like a torture device, but its suppose to keep them from fully extending their legs, thus not allowing them to jump as high. I'm pretty tempted to order one and see if it'll work. It's cheaper than the static mat, so that's a plus. Knowing Nala, she'll still make it over the fence.
  • My husband. We had a conversation last night about what the most annoying thing is about each other and whether or not we thought we could live the rest of our lives with this. Of course this conversation lead to our favorite sports team before either of us good divulge the most annoying thing.
  • Hyperlinks.

1 comment:

Jax said...

I may have laughed my ass off at "hyperlinks" after reading through the rest of this.. you're cute, lover. :) I like the recent bloggage.