Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Keith Urban & Hula Hoops

I had an awesome weekend. I wish my Monday had been mundane so that I would've posted about my fabulous weekend rather than the craptastic Monday. So in light that's Tuesday and it didn't suck I'm posting about my weekend.

Friday: Kelly surprised me with tickets to the Sugarland/Keith Urban concert. Her fiance bailed and I was glad to step in as her date. It was a blast. We danced and sang and drank and ohh'd and ahh'd at hunky Keith. We had awesome seats too!

When I got home from the concert I woke up my husband who fell asleep right after I left. My living had been trashed. I seriously thought we got robbed while he was sleeping. But after the initial shock that we didn't actually get robbed, we realized that the dogs decided they wanted to haul everything out of a Goodwill bag and chew it up. They also chewed up my UTI medicine. They left a nice yellow stain on the carpet and both dogs have yellow stains on their fur. I was tipsy enough to not care and I think hubby cleaned up the mess.

Saturday: Hubby and I cleaned house. We did laundry AND put it away. We've gotten into the habit of doing the laundry and not folding it and then somehow it ends up back on the bedroom floor and we couldn't tell if had been worn or not and then we just assumed it was all dirty because it had been sitting on the floor.

That night we went out with Rachel and Matt with their Arkansas friends. I was crabby because the hubby woke me up from my nap and talked me into going out. I'm glad he did. Because if I would've stayed home I would not have seen people hula hooping in front of me at dive bar. That was entertaining, annoying, and funny all rolled into one. It was past one when this started and it only got annoying when one girl did it and kept bragging about her hula hooping skills while saying she's never hula hooped before. I called BS and grabbed the hula hoop and made the little not-yet-twenty-one-year-old stop hula hooping so she would move along and try other attempts at flirting with some douche bag. She gave me an annoyed look and I shrugged and told her that only the first minute was free.

Sunday: I slept, read, and watched my hubby play NCAA '10.


Bethany said...

we have gotten into the habit of throwing clean clothes on the floor. I am annoyed by it, but it takes forever to 1)sort through it 2)put a million loads away 3)stop doing it!

Louise said...

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