Monday, August 24, 2009

Arizona Trip

The hubs and I had a great weekend. We went to Glendale, AZ for his brother's MBA graduation. His school is really cool. It only offers graduate programs and they recruit internationally. They had a student representative from each of the countries present to briefly speak about their country. I was trying to convince Dave for us to go back to school. Don't you wish you could relive some of your college experiences? And here's a schools that offers that with people going for their MBA and they have an on campus bar. Seriously, I'm thinking this could be my next move.

Arizona is hot. And they say its not that bad because its a dry heat, but that doesn't take away from the fact that its hot! We flew in at dusk and it was 108. I don't care where you live or who you are, you're going to think that's hot!

One of my favorite things about flying into a new city is that I'm no longer responsible for driving. Nobody expects you to know your way around, they make the plans for you, and you can go drink without wondering who's driving the responsibility bus. I love it!


Jax said...

Dude.. I too love not driving when traveling! It's AWESOME!! It makes the whole trip worthwhile! ha! :) Glad you had fun, lady! I love AZ! ANd I'm glad you're blogging more.. you're good times. Duh. ;)

Andrea said...

Sounds like fun!

I also relish in the fact I don't have to drive while out of town except for when we visit my in-laws. My father in law is basically blind in one eye and I am terrified riding in the car with them.