Sunday, February 15, 2009

RIP Blackberry

My blackberry died. I'm using a Razor in the mean time and I honestly am having a horrible time with it. I also have no numbers programed in it so if you call me, I don't know who you are. And this is also my excuse for not calling anyone. Sorry. Hopefully I'll get a new phone soon? Maybe?

Weekend was good and low key. We celebrated love day with flowers delivered to me on Friday. I gave Dave the ShamWow - which he loves! On Saturday we bought Boulevard Wheat, made dinner, and played Wii. Good times.

I need a hair cut. Seriously, I'm about to pull a Brit Brit and shave my head. I put on my outlook calendar to make a hair appointment tomorrow, I have to make this priority! And since its been so long since I've cut my hair, I of course want to do something drastic. What shall I do? I'm open to suggestions...

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Jax said...

Booo Blackberry! I loved your hair at the TU homecoming game! Do that again!! It was SUPER cute!! I havent seen you in what seems like forever, but I bet its still super cute.. jsut saying. :)