Monday, June 28, 2010

Babe Ruth, I am not

Did I tell you I joined an adult softball team?  No? That's probably because I stopped blogging.  Anyways, I did and we suck.  I, personally suck at softball, but we also suck as team.  As in we hadn't won a game.  We play Sunday nights with each night a double-header.  So far, we've stopped one game early because the other team got so far ahead of us.  Yet, yesterday we started our first round in the loser's bracket and won our first game!  Against Channel 2 no less!  They might not of had their whole team there because of news stories, but it doesn't change the fact we got a win! And by a run rule no less, 1 - 21.  Impressive I know.  I also hit the ball.  Typically, my strategy is just stand there and hope they walk me.  So I'm proud of my crappy softball team.

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