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Devlen - 4 months

4 months - Jan 5

Man, I feel like a lot has happened in the month of December!  We fought our first virus, which happened to fall over the first Christmas.  It was also shared with multiple family members including myself and Dave. D got to meet his aunt, uncle and cousins over Christmas and definitely took notice of the younger cousin.  We had a wonderful first Christmas with my parents even though D was sick and my dad got the virus too. The virus was awful and I'm so glad we're past it. It took longer than expected to really get over it and even 7 days into we had heavy spit/throw up.  We've hit some big milestones this month too!

We had our 4 month shots today.  He cried, I cried.  He was a bit fussy throughout the day and slept more than usual, but as I type this he's telling me a very detailed story that involves inflection and hand motions. So, I think we're through the worst of it.

4 month stats:
Weight 12 lb 1 oz (~10%)
Height 24 in (10%) we've reached the 2 foot mark!
Head 17 1/2 in (95%)

We were doing 4 feeding sessions however, after the 3 month posting I started to question whether he's gaining enough weight. After discussing it with the nurse we decided he should have another feeding added.  So the feeding schedule is now every 3 - 3.5 hours.  Because of this, we added in formula.  I really struggled with this decision.  In the previous post I mentioned wanting to keep him exclusively on breastmilk and increasing my pumping supplies. It wasn't happening.  I really struggled with this decision and shed some tears over it. But D was so easy going, he didn't care what type of milk it was as long as he was eating. So initially he was getting 2 bottles of breastmilk and 1 bottle of formula at daycare.  However, after he got sick I couldn't get my pumping supply to meet any amount he needed while at daycare. So he's now on 18 ounces of formula at daycare and nurses morning and evening. I'm still worried about his weight gain and I just want to make sure he's gaining weight at an appropriate rate even if he remains in the lower percentile.

While we were fighting the virus he was waking every 3 hours and nursing.  He naturally dropped the midnight feeding and is now waking between 3-5am to nurse.  I can handle this especially as we work to continue to ensure he's gaining weight at an appropriate rate.

We've hit a milestone! He can officially roll from tummy to back. This accomplishment came on New Year's Day.  The startled look on  his face is so darn cute. I absolutely love it.  Unfortunately for D, mommy asks for this new trick daily.  Some days he just lays on his tummy and doesn't move proving to me that this is not a party trick.  He really starting to take interest in his toys and loves to put it in his mouth.

We went to Houston for Christmas.  He got to meet his aunt, uncle, and two cousins.  The future gatherings are going to be busy and fun!  3 boys 2 of whom are 7 months apart.  I look forward to seeing them all play together.  D did great with the drive.  He was sick over the holiday and unfortunately shared the virus with family.  Thankfully, the other boys didn't catch it, just the adults.

Has been going really well.  They really care for him and he's typically so good-natured that other teachers love coming in and snuggling with him. Today was rough because he fussy due to the shots and being sore. He teachers Ms. Norma and Ms. Janie are so wonderful. They held him until he fell asleep or walked him around the school to help keep him calm.  It's wonderful to know that while we're at work he's being well taken care of.

Dear Devlen,

Oh my big man! It's so funny to say that to a 4th month old, but the changes that have happened this month make me realize that you're definitely not a newborn anymore.  You can roll over, you hold your head up like its no big deal and you definitely have your opinions!  I love seeing you develop!  Your hands are now pulling things to you which means they go directly into your mouth!  You can put your paci in your mouth or fling it onto the ground. I have a feeling we'll soon be playing the game fetch.  And the stories you tell are getting so animated!

You met more of your family and boy are you going to have a good time at future gatherings!  It's exciting to see you take notice of your surroundings.  Your typical quiet self is slowly developing to being more vocal. You coo and babble almost any chance you get.

You have such a sweet demeanor. You still love to snuggle only its definitely on your terms.  You are able to express your opinions and make very clear what you like and don't like.  Seeing you change is exciting and heartbreaking. My little man is growing! Its so fun to see and yet parts of me ache for the 6 week old I could just coddle and snuggle.

I love you so much it hurts.  You have made being a mom so rewarding and loving. I tell people all the time you make me look like a supermom because you're just so easy going about everything.  I look forward to continuing to see you grow and develop!


I can't seem to load any videos so until I figure it out you can see his rolling over video on my instagram account Blazer412

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