Friday, January 23, 2009


Let's just say I now understand the term busy. I thought I knew it in high school when I would go to school then swim practice then cheerleading practice and repeat. Then I thought I understood it in College when I was so busy I couldn't get my nap in. But as an actual adult with an adult job, I now understand busy.

So, with that, this is my excuse for not calling, emailing, texting. I'm busy. I'm busy trying to keep this new huge project that I'm in charge of to open. I'm busy trying to not take away too much of my time from my new marriage. And I'm busy being a sorority advisor. And some how I've let my friendships take a back burner. So, while I can't promise that I'll put them on top priority, I'm definitely going to make it an effort to make them a priority. Because in the end, I don't want to be that person who doesn't have any friends. That would be so sad.

Oh, and I still can't find my right black heel. This is really frustrating and I've been wearing too much brown.


♥Joy♥ said...

LMAO I LOVE your tag! Seriously, add in waking a kid or 2 up in the morning, fighting with them to get them either fed or fed AND dressed AND out the door AND that they have their homework/project/essentials, etc...AND get to work on time only to find out that A.) There's spilt Apple Jacks in your purse B.) Spit up on your jacket/toe of your heels & C.) A cute little drawing right smack in the middle of your presentation piece.

Wow. Give me high school back anyday!! =D

Jax said...

Youre funny lover. Funny as hell. I relate. Totally. TOTALLY. Proud of your awesome new job, etc! :) We'll all be patient-that's why we're your friends. Duh. But, if you're missing too long, Rachel and I might kidnap you and infuse wine into your veins. Maybe. xoxo. ;) Great seeing you last weekend, hottie!

Annie H. said...

Hey girl- don't you love blogs! Such a great place to GET IT ALL OUT. The busy post cracked me up. It's so true... I think God prepares us for life in stages, like you said
middle school
high school
and then eventually we get to retire and relax but probably wish it wasn't all over.
so try to enjoy the ride. it goes tooooooooooo fast.