Monday, January 12, 2009

Things I'm going to complain about:

  1. I can't find my black heel. This is really bothering me and making me late to work every morning I try to find it. It's not in my closet even though I pull out every pair of shoes and dig for it. This is driving me nuts that I can only find one heel.
  2. The Biggest Loser's twist this season. I believe kicking off 9 very obese people when they're so excited about attempting to lose weight is very cruel. Plus that means less reveals. This is disappointing.
  3. I've had two non work related meetings this weekend. One on Saturday night that lasted two hours. It started at 7pm. One Sunday this lasted 4 hours. (Technically, they were 2 separate meetings lasting about 2 hours a piece). And I have another tonight. I'm over meetings.
  4. I haven't worked out in two weeks.
  5. It's Monday.

1 comment:

Bethany said...

i haven't worked out....hmm...i can't even remeber the last time I was in a gym and worked out! I don't think not working out is a complaint! Anyways good luck finding your shoe, and in the mean time where something brown.