Monday, June 22, 2009

My Morning

Happy Monday! So far I've been told that I'm practicing medicine without a license because I denied a prospect from being accepted to our non-medical school. He said this several times as well as telling me I was using his honesty against him. He wants to go into welding but can not hold his hands out long enough to scrub them.

I also had a student come to school drunk. Mind you I might have done this in college too, but I also did not start classes at 7:00am nor did I choose a field that required heavy machinery, nor did I drive to school. He assured me it was from what he drank last night and did not have time to change clothes. I really wanted to tell him that I've been to college and there is no masking the smell of drunkenness. He also drove his daughter to daycare. We held him until 12pm and since his blood alcohol level was below the legal limit this morning we could not contain him this afternoon.

How's your Monday going?

Oh! I got Britney tickets!! So excited!!

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