Friday, February 12, 2010

Lover's Day and Sushi

Tis the weekend for love.  My husband and I don't really celebrate in this holiday.  Too much pressure and setup for disappointment.  He did however buy me a box of chocolates.  But before he could give it to me the dog got into and ate the whole box!
Last night I needed to relieve some stress.  So a small group of us went to a local sushi restaurant.  Turns out Maria and Jackie were there with their own separate groups.  Also, Maria was with a friend who used to lifeguard with Jackie and I.  T-town only allows 2 degrees of separation at the most.  It cool to see so many people you know in a small restaurant.  I guess sushi was the it thing last night. 

I'm reading The Chronicles of Narnia.  I know the basic story line, but I never read it as a kid.  My husband insisted that I read these books.  So the last time I ventured to the book store I picked up the whole collection.  They're really good.

Oh and I'm seriously trying to plan a vacation.  Just knowing that I'm going somewhere, sometime is really helping the February blues.

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Maria said...

Ooo...I just bought the Chronicles to read aloud to TB, because I hadn't read them yet either. I'm excited. :)

Maybe if Kevin gets this new job everyone can vacay in whatever country he goes to now. LOL! Seriously, it is keeping me going right now... the though of exiting the country for a week sounds marvelous!