Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Name conversation

This is a typical conversation that I have with just about any new person I meet.  In one form or another they ask about my name.  Some are more polite than this guy.

Me: Hi, I'm Blaze. How can I help you?
Guy: Blaze?  Really?  Why?
Me: Why?
Guy: Yea, why Blaze?
Stare at Guy as if I don't comprehend his question
Guy: slowly as if I'm idiot Why are you named Blaze?
Me: Sir, I think Sara may be more capable of helping you at this time.  And walk away.


Patience said...

I get it a lot too, my name is Patience and I always get the why did your parents name you that. Wha? idk go ask them.

Maria said...

Wow. Rude rude rude! I think you should make up a great story and roll with it.

Brooke said...

When I first heard your name I thought: I'm jealous, that's an awesome name. Some people are rude.