Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Stay in the Big Apple

Vacation Day 2 in Philly started off better than Day 1.  We got a ride to the train station, we saw more of Philly.  We saw Betsy Ross' house.  Which by the way she was married three times.  Ross is her first married name, yet she made the flag during her third marriage.  Yet, they're not sure she actually made the flag because she didn't tell anyone until she was like 80. It was her son who petitioned for her to get recognition, so there's still a bit of mystery in regards to who made the first flag.  So there's a bit history for you!  We then found a bar and watched more of the LLWS.  Ohio was in the elimination game, so of course we cheered them on again.  And again they lost. 

Day 3 we went to NYC!  I love New York.  We took a train from Philly to NYC. So easy.  We got a cab that took us to the Amtrack station and we bought our ticket and got on the train.  It was an hour and half.  So much more room than an airplane and they have plug-ins for your phone and computers.  If you haven't taken a train, I highly recommend it.

Once we got to Penn Station, we had to maneuver over to Time Square.  We needed to get to Queens to drop our bags off at the hotel so we weren't walking around Manhattan with luggage behind us.  We easily found our train, it was of course the stop that would give us issues.  As you know from the previous post we have issues getting lost at train stops.  Our train decided to drop us off at Citi Field. Which would've been fine if it were 6 at night and we were going to the game. Not ok when we want to get to our hotel which is not at Citi Field.  Turns out we got on an express train which means they skipped our stop. 

So we followed the crowd off the train station and low and behold we end up at the US Open. We were the only people at the US Open with bags.  We didn't go inside, but we did see some practice courts.  From there we finally got on the right track and found a Holiday Inn and took a cab to our hotel.  I make this sound like we took a 15 minute detour.  It was more like an hour to an hour and a half.  We looked ridiculous walking around in Queens with luggage behind us.

We get back to Manhattan and have lunch with another of Dave's cousin. I'm so proud of Devin.  He's working for NASDAQ and has really tackled living in NY. 
Here's a view from his building.  Awesome right?
After we congratulate Devin on his awesome job and awesome view of the city, Dave and I wander around.  We end up in Bryant Park (wishing it was fashion week!).  We chilled there for a bit as I discussed Project Runway and Dave politely tuned me out. Then we found the Brooklyn Bridge. Even though I'd been to New York a few times, I never walked the bridge.  That was a long walk to view point.  We didn't make it all the way across to Brooklyn.  But it would've been fun to ride a bike across, so maybe next time!  The day was beautiful and there were tons of people outdoor biking, skating, and walking.  I loved it!
From there we went straight to Citi Field where we saw this guy!
We saw the Mets play the Marlins.  David Wright got a 2 run home run in the first inning.  Dave was ecstatic.  Even though the Mets didn't win, we had a blast!

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