Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home Repair Take 1


Scene 1:  A boy and a girl sitting a dark living room.  A ceiling fan has been removed leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling.  Between the boy and girl sits a disassembled fan and a flash light.

This should be easy.  We already have the old fan down, and this fan says it should only take 5  minutes.  We'll have this up in time to watch the football game.

Great!  Let's hop to it honey!  I'm so excited that in 5 minutes we'll have a new ceiling fan!

Scene 2: 2 hours later.  Both the boy and girl have sore shoulders from holding the fan for hours.  Both are arguing at each other.  Both are in the dark with a light from the iphone flashlight app. 

(After the 100th time of dropping a black screw) I quit. Leave the damn hole.  I'm over the 5 minute fan. (Stomps away)

Please don't leave me here to hold up a none working fan while you throw a fit.

Scene 3:  An hour later. Boy and girl cuddling on couch and enjoying their new ceiling fan and watching the last 3 minutes of the game.

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Jax said...

hahahahah! Awesome.