Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Drinking for Charity

Crawl for Cancer in KC is huge! It was fun and it started at 1pm. We hit 5 different bars and went to an after party where all the teams met up. My team was a lot of fun and I must say we did very well during our flip cup challenges.

It was freezing in KC. So I wore my Atlanta sweatshirt and was called Hotlanta all night. Even by strangers. They would just walk up, "hey Hotlanta."

If you want a fun way to support cancer research, I highly suggest this.
First bar. We've gotta pace ourselves.

This is on our way to the second bar. Buff (bottom) did demand that this guy sit on his lap. It made for a funny bus ride and loads of jokes for the rest of the evening.


emotional diva said...

looks like you had so much fun. and i seriously may start calling you hotlanta from now on. just because that's funny stuff there.

great pics! finally posting! you wait entirely too long between blogs woman! =)

Jax said...

haha! I would like for you to create the titles to all my posts. B/c you're funnier than I am. Thanks. And Hotlanta=love it. teehee! How's bootcamp. I'm a dropout. Pathetic. I know. It was like someone didnt want me to do it between events, sinus infection then my freaking pipes bursting or whatever (thereby having no water to shower). Anyway, I want to do it again. I'm kinda bummed about not going. *sigh* And I miss your face. Are ya'll hitting up Oktoberfest? We should get a group! (Yes, I realize I just wrote you the most random comment ever. Sorry). ;)