Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding Advice from the Non-Expert

For the Mother-in-Laws:
  • Grabbing guests and demanding that they stand during the first dance is not appropriate. If you want something to happen, kindly request it, most guests will gladly oblige.
  • Telling the guests they are not important is not nice. We get it; we're not the bride or the groom, but we are here to support them and they thought we were important enough to be invited.
  • Telling the bride to cut her pictures short so the cocktail hour can be cut short is not ok. Believe it or not, the pictures are quite important since they'll represent the memories that are being created that day.

For the Mother of the Brides:

  • Telling the guests to go ahead and eat without the bride and groom arriving makes for a very awkward situation when you're the guest in line at the buffet as the couple makes their first entrance as Mr. and Mrs.
  • It is indeed the bride's day. The couple's day. That's why this whole get together is happening. Everyone that day wants to make her and him happy. Don't tell the bride on her wedding day that its not her day.

For the Aunts:

  • It's never appropriate to yell at a guest or bridesmaid. If it doesn't envolve the bride being on fire you don't need to yell.

For the Guests:

  • Never, never ask the bride to find you a ride home. You may be drunk, but she doesn't need to be worrying about your drunkass.
  • If you wear a lace top without a bra everyone will see your nipples. Therefore, you will be nicknamed Nipples all night. Cover them up please.


emotional diva said...

i LOVE this blog!!! i literally laughed out loud at your label! great post! thank you for the laugh! i was kind of down so this brought my spirits uppp =)

Jax said...


That is all!

*Still laughing*

Bethany said...

Oh I guess I will need to return my dress for kelly's wedding...dint want to be called nipples!

Amber said...

I may steal these from you LOL

I make "role cards" to hand out to people that have positions in the wedding and the card is a description of their duties. As a wedding planner...I've seen them all LOL

Thank you for the chuckle :)