Saturday, December 7, 2013

Devlen - 1 month

One month - October 5

It's been an amazing month.  We've all learned so much about each other and while not every moment of every day has been smooth they've all been spectacular.  September 5th is my new favorite day.

Devlen's birth stats
Weight: 8 lbs
Height: 20 1/4 in
Head: 14 in

2 week stats
Weight: 8 lb 5 oz
Height: 20 3/4 in
Head: 15 in

From day one Devlen has been an excellent breastfeeder.  He has made this process so easy for me. As easy as it can be for 2 people who've never done it before.  After three weeks I started to pump once a day just build some supplies.  We have a week of weddings in Tulsa which will require me to be away from little man and allow someone else to feed him. My mom and Dave are very excited about this.  I totally get it, I love my one-on-one time when I'm nursing.

He's a sleeper and I feel very blessed by this.  We're nursing every 3 hours and it goes through the night. I don't wake him, but let him tell me when he's hungry during the night. During the day, I'll wake him up if necessary.  I really feel its important he gets as much nutrients during the day as he can and then at night, he can tell me when he's hungry.  D does sleep in our room in a bassinet so getting to him is super easy. However, he is not a quiet sleeper and apparently I have developed mom ears and every movement and sound wakes me up. He sleeps peacefully as fret if he's breathing appropriately.

We are swaddling. Have been since in the hospital. While the nurses are super pros, Dave and I use the halo swaddle blanket. It makes it super easy and quick to swaddle D.  Currently we only swaddle at night. He's sleeping during the day in his monkey chair and doesn't startle himself awake.

We introduced a pacifier.  It was while my mother-in-law was in town and she really wanted to see if he would take it.  All the books and notes state to not give a pacifier until 4 weeks or later to ensure proper latching and sucking, but this kid had no issues. He loves his paci and it helps soothe him and he's never had a latching problem.

He's been to the pediatrician once at 2 weeks and got one vaccine shot. He took it like a champ with just a few moments of crying. I, however, did not handle it as well and had many more tears than my 2 week old.

We also did our first outing. We went to a restaurant at 3 weeks old. I needed to get out of the house and Dave convinced me that we could handle him at a restaurant. We went during off peak hours, but Devlen was great.  No issues and he slept the whole through it.

Dear Devlen,

You have made my whole world complete. You make this whole baby thing look easy and I thank God everyday for you and your laid back demeanor. You love your monkey chair and take most of your naps in it. You'll let us hold you and snuggle you and I just cherish those moments.  You've recently started looking at ceiling fans and seemed to be in awe of them.  You're moving your limbs more and becoming less squishy. We've given you a couple of baths. The first time you seemed to love it, after that, you haven't been the biggest fan and have definitely let us know! We've now made bath time a quick as possible for you!  You'll typically sleep 4-6 hours at night.  You're starting to make eye contact and its so sweet. You are also all boy. Your burps could easily come from a full grown man.  You rarely make a noise unless it comes to diaper changes. You're not a fan of those and you let everyone around you know! You do this super cute move where your hand finds your ear.  You do this nursing, falling asleep, or just when the arm seems to move without you knowing it.

Your dad and I have already subjected you to football.  We're both NFL fans only for rival teams. On your first day home it was Giants vs Cowboys.  Sorry kid, this will be your life and eventually you'll have to decide on a team.


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