Saturday, December 7, 2013

Devlen - 2 month

2 months - Nov 5

We've gone from nervous newborn parents to feeling like we have a routine established.  His personality is starting to show.  We've made our first big road trip where he attended to 2 weddings and funeral.

2 month stats:
Weight: 9 lb 13 oz
Height: 22 1/2 in
Head: 16 1/4 in

The boy is growing!  You can never understand why your mom worries about your what your eating and weight until you become a mom.  It's all about what's going in and what's coming out!

His pediatrician is very pleased with his progress.  Devlen is eating every 4 hours and taking 5 feedings a day.  This did shock the pediatrician and immediately brought fear into my heart. But the pediatrician wasn't worried and said he's clearly gaining weight if this is working for us then its a great thing.  Because D will soon be starting daycare and I asked him how many ounces he needs to be taking per bottle. The dr said 6 ounces! Talk about a shock. We had recently increased his intake from 3 to 5 and after the appointment increased it to 6.  D seems happy and quickly dropped the 4 am feeding.  He's sleeping through the night and every once in awhile needs someone to go in and put his paci back in and he'll immediately fall asleep.

As mentioned above he's eating only during the day and 4-5 times.  We're still exclusively breastfeeding and its going well.  He's starting to use his hands more. Where in the first month it would be up by his ear he now has jazz hands and keeps it above his face. It's really cute.

The kid is sleeping through the night.  I know its crazy. Like I said, he makes me look like a supermom.  After our 2 week appointment the dr suggested I no longer wake him up at night and let him tell me when its time to eat.  During the day I don't allow him to go longer than 4 hours.  This has allowed us to quickly get him sleeping through the night.  At 7 weeks old we move him up to his room.  It was a necessary change even if it made Dave and I nervous. We weren't sleeping well with him in the room and every noise had me jumping up and attending to him. Plus I really didn't want it to become a big deal when it was time to transition to his room.  While I think if we would've wait he would've been fine, it would be me who wouldn't want to him to sleep in his own room. This has also allowed Dave and I reunite as a couple rather than just parents.

We took him to his first Oktoberfest. It was much calmer than Tulsa's version, but we all had a great time. We only stayed a few hours, but he was so well behaved and allowed us to walk around and look at all the crafts.  They have a kids zone that I'm sure we'll be visiting in the years to come.

We went to Tulsa when Devlen was 5 weeks old.  We had 2 weddings back to back weekends so I decided that Devlen and I would stay the full week in Tulsa.  While the initial drive was bumpy - as Devlen lost  his cool on 635 during a construction zone where there was no way I could get to him which in turned had his mamma in tears.  We eventually got to an exit, got him calmed down and were on the road again. After that it was smooth sailing.  He did great at the weddings and got to meet so many people. He met my family, Dave's family, and lots of friends. It was a wonderful week!  After we made it back home my grandfather passed away. So on Mon evening we drove back up to Tulsa attended the funeral Tuesday and drove home Tuesday night. He was a champ.

We also had our first Halloween! So fun, we went to a pumpkin patch and dressed Devlen as a lion.  He slept most of the time and it was a super short trip, but I'm so glad we went and put the effort to do it.

Dear Devlen,

This 2nd month has flown by. You're growing and growing. We've transitioned out of newborn clothes and you're in 0-3. You still allow us to snuggle you, but you're definitely becoming more active.  You've started smiling and cooing.  Your voice is my new favorite sound.  You love moving your arms and legs and we've done more floor time with you.  Your eye contract is increasing and you'll start tracking movements.  You're such a happy baby and make everyone feel like their a special person to you when you look at them. You've spent a week getting to meet extended family on both mommy and daddy's side, attending weddings, and your first funeral. You were such an angel the entire time. You got some one-on-one time with your Lolli and Pop (my parents) and the soaked up every minute of it.  Everyone is already so in love you and you've enriched all of our lives.

You also got to celebrate your first fun holiday. Halloween came and you got to dress up as a lion! You were the cutest lion I've ever seen. While we stayed home on Halloween and passed out candy, it was so great to think in the years to come we'll be going door to door with you and experiencing the excitement that comes with Halloween.

Oktoberfest in Southlake, TX

Your snazzy wedding attire!


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