Sunday, March 29, 2009

That's why you get paid the big bucks

Last week consisted of:
  • 6 evaluations
  • 1 person actually not showing up for his/her evaluation
  • Planning on firing that person that did not show up for his/her evaluation
  • Having one of my employees accused of sexual harassment
  • Turning over one entire department which happen to consist of the no show and the sexual harasser

This week has consisted of:

  • Training two new employees to fill the spots of the previous empty spots
  • Dealing with students that are unhappy about the turnover
  • Trying to prepare for an accreditation visit that is scheduled for next week

There are stories within this, but I'm too tired to write about them. I hope everyone else is having a fabulous April Fool's Day. I love April for several reasons, which includes my birthday, but mainly because it leads to Spring!


Andrea said...

Good Lord. Sounds like work is a little dramatic lately! I have no doubt you're rocking it out turning it around though.

Jax said...

You get to fire people?! Why do you have all the fun?! ;) Kidding. If they cried, I'd be in trouble. How did I ever graduate law school? Sheez. I know you're busy, but know I miss you! I travel a lot...last that makes it hard, too.. but hopefully soon we'll reconnect!!