Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 Years

The time has come where my 10 year high school reunion is upon us. To go or to not go? I just can't decide if $50 bucks is worth remembering high school and all its awkwardness. It's not like I haven't seen several of my classmates and they're obviously not all horrible like GFHS. But even looking at the form to fill out was "who do you want to see the most." I don't know and I don't care. I don't want to relive high school. To go or not to go??

In other news, yesterday sucked. But was brightened by the fact that I'm going to see Kathy Griffin Live this summer!! So excited! Rachel and I are already plotting how we can meet her and make her our friend. All suggestions are welcome.

ANTM finale? Anyone watch it? I can't believe awkward can't walk if her life depended on it Allison made the final two. It made it a very predicable winner. Oh well, can't wait till cycle 13 where the shorties get a chance to show they can handle Tyra's criticism about light hating their face and how if they can't smile with their eyes they'll never take a good picture.

And Biggest Loser! I'm so glad Tara did NOT win. She looked good, but I mean hasn't she won enough with winning all but one challenge? And what a surprise about Jerry! So happy! Poor Bob, he'll get a winner eventually. Maybe?


Andrea said...

I watch ANTM but I was a Celia fan through and through so when she left I was like "whatevs". As much as I love the show I am not sure I can handle Tyra's gigantic ego for another season. Seriously!

I would have really liked to go to the reunion but it's most likely not going to be possible financially. I think if you're going to skip the 10yr one would be the one to skip. I mean....well, I'm not going to say anything other than some people never really change. :)

sasspot said...

I vote that you go. It's been ten years for me too... I cannot believe it.