Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Facebook Messaging about Religion

This is a correspondence from a guy I went to high school with. I didn't make this up, nor did I adjust any of his spelling or capitalization.

Guy from high school: This Nick S____ WAS U ON THE SWIMM TEAM AT EASTCENRAL. If so do u remamber me.

Me: Yes I do! How are you?

GRHS: I am sooo BLESS that is page can not hold the blessing. I have a great wife and three boys that GOD has BLESS me with. I have miss death this year i got poison form a forcklift and a other guy did too and he is steal alive. The nurse told me that Iam not supose to be here. But the LORD has a plan for my wife and me . we are going to become missionary's.If u have a myspace page .Here is my url http: // Go here and I will except u and go to my pics and look at them there are some of are frist missionary trip. To malaysie. How have are u doing.

GFHS: So don't take this the rong way. i have never herd of a cathlic CHRISTAIN. How do they worship marry or JESUSCHRIST. DO u belive in the HOLYSPIRIT.

Me: We don't worship Mary. When we pray to her or the other Saints it basically asking for their help with the prayer. Like asking mom to talk to dad for you, or asking them for the added strength. We don't believe their Gods just someone else that's up there to help us. Of course we believe in the Holy Spirit. The reason we cross ourselves before prayer is the reminder of our Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Does that help answer your question?

GFHS: Why do u pray to marry.

Me: We ask her to pray for us. Similar to asking a loved one to pray for us.

GFHS: Do u belive in getting filled with the spirit.

Me: Are you curious about my choice of religion or are you worried about my soul?


Bethany said...

I don't believe made that up! You got bored and thought what would make people laugh, right?? That us too funny!

Jax said...

OH.EM.GEE. Is he the one I once said "Wow..he looks good...with his clothes on..." hahaha (for the rest of you: b/c we swam so we saw people's ahem...near nudity and sometimes it wasnt so good). And WOW. Just.WOW. That just made me totally reminisce about high school and how akward it was to be Episcopal b/c no one understood. It was like Brett on Ash Wednesday getting dirty looks... *sigh* Wow. HOORAY REUNION! hahahahahahaha!

Andrea said...

I know who this person is because this person has been driving me crazy with messages on myspace AND facebook!! The spelling errors make me cringe and almost die inside.

Miche said...

Wow! LOL!!! I came across your blog from Miss Priss (Andrea) and couldn't believe the facebook stuff. I am a Catholic, (and really could care less about anyone else's relationship with God, that is up to them) but was rather shocked he said he'd never heard of a Catholic Christian....I'd have to say Mother Teresa is a pretty awesome example. That was good for a nice laugh :) Thank goodness you aren't going to your reunion and don't have to mess with that weirdo