Thursday, May 7, 2009

Facebook Messaging about Religion Part Deux

Ok. I have no response to his response. If you do, please leave it in the comments and I'll choose one.

GFHS: U see the HOLY BIBLE says that religion defiles a man. that means that it is bad. Look I care because JESUS cares. Iam worred about u and your soul. And your husands. Have u ever bin to a spirit filled church. Iwant to challege u and go to one and tell me what u thank. TRhe frist time went. It cared the daylights out of me. but the morte Iread the bilbe the more Iunderstand it. And now Iam filled with and LET me tell u nit is the best thing that ever happen to me. Ihave go back to work WHEN i get back I will explain to u. PLEACE DON'T LET THIS STOP FROM TALKING TO ME.


care said...

what a dizzying intellect?

sakes alive.

I'm pretty sure Jesus is cool with you going to a non spirit filled church. And, uh, I admire your ability to actually read what that dude is writing. It kind of made my head hurt.

Jax said...


"While I appreciate the intention behind your messages about Jesus and your beliefs and your concern for my soul, I also ask that you respect my religion even though it's different than yours. If I were saying the same things to you, it would not make you decide to become Catholic b/c your beliefs are steadfast. So are mine. If you'd like to talk about anything other than religion, I would love to hear about your family and what you've been up to. Otherwise, I wish you well." I dont think he'd understand "steadfast" Hell, I cant deal with this guy.

OR all of the above plus "Do you honestly believe there is only one way to get to heaven and it's through the very same beliefs you have? If so, heaven must not be very big or very diverse...and God's love must not be as widespread as I was raised to believe." Yeah, that likely wont make him happy.

How about "I would write lots of things in response, but I dont know what language you're writing in so I'm not sure what dialect to use to explain this..." teehee

or simply "Bah...baaaahhhh.." *like a sheep* ;)

OR... if you just are looking for humor, let me go to work here...
"Roman Catholicism is the oldest Christian religion and thus you're telling me heaven was a vast, empty place before your religion was created? You're telling me each and every soul went to hell? You're telling me your way, although I'm not quite certain what that way is since you cannot seem to spell it correctly, is the right way? I find that incredibly close minded and immature and exemplary of what is wrong with our society today. I believe in God and I believe in Jesus Christ. And I believe you are sadly uninformed and would better spend your time on hooked on phonics than on fb messaging me."

Dave said...

I'm glad he's also concerned about my soul. In fact he should prolly be more worried about me since I led you to this Heathen religion. Ask him who the first pope of the "catholic CHRISTIAN" religion was, he might not know that it was Jesus' best friend.

Also I think he has turrets, so don't be too mean.

katandkarl said...

i thank that, um, thumper iz ba-noodles. (if he can call you names, i can call him names, right?)

Anonymous said...

not that you have to defend yourself, but like many protestants, he is sadly mis-informed of the catholic faith and anti-catholic to boot.

if you really want to try to answer him (even though he doesn't seem too intelligent or want anything other than a fight), i would look on, it has a bunch of resources that explain the catholic faith, many of them in very bible-oriented ways that protestants relate to. you can search a topic, they will give a logical and biblical explanation.

secondly, there are 'charasmatic' catholic churches that speak in tongues, etc. like jax says, it is the oldest christian religion, so his church is re-inventing the wheel. if it is an authentically christian practice, then you can find it in the catholic church.

thirdly, i thought your 'worship mary' explanation was good.

fourthly, this type of thing makes my blood boil and makes me sad. if you can't tell, i'm catholic. i'm a convert, too, and my whole family thinks i'm going to hell, so i am used to explaining such beliefs to angry people concerned for my soul. but when it's all said and done, you can only do what you think is right, and he should mind his own business.

tell him you'll pray to mary, say a rosary, and put ashes on your forehead just for HIS soul, that'll piss him off.

blaze said...

These are all fabulous suggestions! I think I'm going to take the route that I'll pray for his soul and have Mary pray for him as well.

Below is Rachel's comment.


That’s the only thing you can say to someone like that. Maybe you should tell him you are worried about his soul?? Sorry, you know I can’t stand people like that. Put him in touch with Rita – she’ll have him converting in no time! Is he on an iphone or does he really spell and type like that? I am so confused. Where do you find these people!?

Bethany said...

Arrgg... I had a huge response typed in and I somehow deleted it :(. Well this dude is nutty and I am happy he isn't preaching to me bc I might call him a mean name and that wouldn't be very Christian.