Thursday, November 5, 2009

Designers - Tim Gunn

I heart Tim.

I need help. So I'm calling all my creative home decorators. I want to decorate my master bedroom. We've lived here over a year and it looks like we just moved in. As you can see I can't seem to decide on a color scheme. Anyone have some fabulous ideas they would like to share? I like the bedspread, but I can persuaded to do something else. It's a small room, 14' x 16'? I like clean lines and a casual feel. I don't the hubby would take too kindly to floral or girly colors.

Here's two other bedrooms that I like.


Bethany said...

I love brown and blue...we have 2 bedrooms with those colors! I love the wall paint in The 2nd pic and I like the huge headboard!!

Jax said...

Whatever paint you decide, Eric LOVES the pottery barn colors. That's all he used and I have to admit, they're kinda awesome...

Meredith painted her bedroom a couple mos ago (when they first moved). I only remember it b/c I liked the color.. it was a blue grey... eh? Check it out in her posts if you get bored...

I definitely dont have a lot to brag about in the decor dept.. I want a house so bad just so I can make a zillion errors before I finally get it right.. LOL! I like a greyish blue... b/c I like that color.. but ya know.. whatevs. :)

emotional diva said...

I love love LOVE the color scheme in that 2nd photo. You can pretty much match anything to that wall color and it come out looking mod and stylish with clean crispness!

in your size of a room i would recommend an elongated head board. it adds height and depth to the eye and gives you the lines that you said that you like. just make sure if that is something you plan on incorporating in your bedroom that it's the focal point color (or a dark color) as to not have it fade into the lighter shades you may be pairing it with.

make sure any matching side tables are positioned close to your bed. this will also widen the room to the eye because there will be less open space between the side tables and give more space to the rest of your room.

sometimes in a smaller room, without an elongated head board, it is smart to do away with end tables, position the bed caddy cornered, and do "light airy" bed dressings such as the ones you see in those pics. remember that the darker your bed dressings are, the more compacted your room will appear.

Light cool colors are said to provide you with the best chance of creating a larger room ambience. These would be colors like green, blue and violet.

but if you really love warm colors it isn’t such a bad thing to sacrifice an open space feeling for something that looks a bit more cozy. you could go with warm colors such as chocolate brown, even blacks (although black sucks the space right out of a room) and deep blues/purples. then your husband could really call it his "cave"! hahaha

another consideration if you like warmer colors is choosing a light warm color. That way you’ll still get a cozy feeling while having a better chance of letting the light bounce off the walls. (pic #3 shows this wonderfully!)

Also, don’t forget that no matter what colors you go for, you can also combine different colors together to create a bit of excitement in your room. All of your walls don’t have to be, say… painted green or yellow. You could paint one wall light yellow and the other three light green. Just a suggestion.

Sorry I know I rambled on but I LOVE interior decorating!!! LOVEEE it!!!!! =)

i have my daughters' room done in off-white walls, with a pink & violet splashed border, pink liz claiborne window dressings, violet & green window dressing holders, white beds, and pink, yellow, violet, green, & blue (all lights)bed clothings. I love their room!!! =)