Wednesday, November 18, 2009


  • I'm enrolled for graduate courses. It's been 7 years since I've been in school and I'm 100% sure I'm dumber for being in the real world. I hope I can hang with scholars again.
  • The Internet has diagnosed me with Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • I got to use my power of authority today by denying a student readmission into school. Take that asswipe for blatantly not likely me for being a women in an authoritative position.
  • I bought a sweater dress and love it!! It's fuchsia, my favorite color word.
  • Sarah Palin is doing interviews again. Why? She's obviously had better coaching, but I don't understand the motives? I can't stand to watch the interviews so I haven't done enough research to figure out why she's back in the spot light.


jv726 said...

She's doing interviews b/c she has a book coming out, or I guess it came out yesterday. I'm not a fan, but whatevs! :)
Good luck in school! I'm finishing my bachelors right now and working full time, its hard, but definitely rewarding!

Jax said...

haha.. I cant stand Palin. I dunno what her face has been doing on every morning show lately either. Icks. Good for you on the grad classes-I agree that the real world has made me dumber. I often think "I should be able to keep up with this discussion. What is wrong with me?" lol! sheesh. Where are your classes?