Friday, December 18, 2009

A Big FU Gift Goes to:

  • The guy that was offered a raise after only working here 90 days and still asked for more money.
  • The same guy for threatening to quit if doesn't get more money.  You know what?  I didn't make your poor financial decisions, why do I have to get you out of it?  You knew how much you'd be making when you took the job.  That wasn't a secret!
  • The ungrateful student who tore up his award right in front of the President because he didn't think it "was good enough." FU you little sh*t head.
  • The insurance company for raising my premiums $50 a month (which makes it over $200/month) and then offering a 2% discount for not smoking.  Gee thanks.


Jax said...

Boo.. major FUs to all those things.. ALL.THOSE.THINGS. Ugh.

Patience said...

Wow that guy in your office has some major balls. What an ass.