Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top 6 Company Christmas Party No-No's

So I went in with a group gift and we're getting our boss a Kindle. It became a reasonable gift and I think she'll really like it. The mom and in law gifts are still to be determined. But you've given me some great ideas that I'm going to see if they'll work for my family.

We had our Company Christmas Party on Saturday. It was fun, but there were some things that probably shouldn't happen in front of your boss:

  1. When the dance floor is practically empty, it’s not appropriate to run up behind someone and hump them.
  2. Passing out on the table.
  3. Giving a lap dance to your significant other.
  4. Getting so drunk that you fall down, puke, and twist your knee.
  5. So drunk that you hurt your knee and have to be carted off in a wheel chair.
  6. Starting a fight in the elevator with the CEO.

Ahh the holidays, they're magical right? Thankfully, I was only the victim of #1.

I received a blog award that I promise I'll post. Soon.


Patience said...

I love company holiday parties. There is always so much to take in.

Andrea said...

I'm beginning to think you work at the real life version of "The Office". And I'm reaping the benefits by getting to read about it and LOL.

Jax said...

Whoa. I need to come to your work parties. ANd I second Andreas comment. ha!