Friday, December 11, 2009

Gift Ideas??

What do you get your boss who has everything? One year I got her a photo book of Oklahoma signed by the author. Another year I got her Oklahoma wine. Any ideas?

What do you get a mother who's not going to like anything you get her, but refuses to give you clues for something she might actually like? I'm thinking about giving a best buy gift card. I know its impersonal, but she's not giving me anything to go on!

Also, we're doing stocking stuffers for the hubs family. WTH! Three men and two women and a 3 year old. We already got the three year old a gift, but guess what? Same gift bought by the grandma.

Shouldn't Christmas be about the holidays? Family time? Not expressing your love through gifts? Ideas for gifts welcome.


emotional diva said...

Watonga, Oklahoma is the Cheese "Capital" and has a yearly cheese festival. You could get her some Oklahoma Cheese...??? of course to go with that wine!!


i have no thoughts on the mother part. think back over the past 6 months and see if she has said something about what she may or may not want that would be memorable to you.

i have often found that in a bind, you can plunk 36 bucks down at "Things Remembered" (found in both malls) for an engraved pretty thing or so. and everyone loves seeing their name in print. even if they say they don't.

christmas should be about the holidays & family time. i totally agree. it sucks, i hear so many complain of this exact thing but then if so many people feel this way, why does it seem to get worse year after year?

Christy in Seattle said...

Gift certificates to a spa for mani/pedi, facial, or massage. Even those women in my life who don't pamper themselves usually like being treated to some mani/pedi action.

Most moms like getting portraits of their children, although if your mom is hyper-critical of your appearance, steer clear of that one.

Jax said...

My fav hostess gift which could double as a boss gift if she drinks is at Williams Sonoma... It's a wine pump complete with stopper. It's a nice gift and it's lke 30 bucks. If you didn't want to do that, go with the houdini.. I think they're on sale at Kohls.. Everyone needs a nice wine opener. There's a place by Bass Pro called "Pretty Penny" that has fun gifts.. lots from local peeps. Also Jan Markey in Kings Point has some fun stuff... I always go in there and think "oh that's a good idea!" soo.. might just go browse. And check out sites like b/c that'll give you ideas even though you wouldnt wanna buy their $$$$ randomness. :)

As for your mom.. I'm still having issues buying for mine, soooo yeah.. haha.. Some fun jewelry? A cute necklace? Sheesh I dunno...

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Gift buying is sometimes so hard because we so often just buy to check the box -- ya know??