Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In lieu of Christmas Cards

We adopted an Angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree. There were so many pieces of papers representing kids and families wanting to have a Christmas. It was heart wrenching. I just looked at the table and grabbed the first one. This was my first year and I wasn't sure what to do. It was so easy, you pick your angel, they give you a bag, then you return the bag with the present(s) and the paper and it goes to the family.

After I picked out Stephanie, the 20 month little girl, I went shopping. I may have gone a touch over board. She likes Dora the Explorer, so I got her a cute little Dora shirt, Dora fleece blanket, Dora talking backpack play kit, and a Dora doll. I also picked up clothes and shoes. Not having any kids, the picking out clothes part was a bit of a challenge. Is 24 months the same at 2T? It should be. Makes sense right? Because the Target clothes are more 2T than 24 months and I hope this 20 month little girl can wear them for awhile.

My parents always came through for Christmas. Every year they made sure it was big deal and these are some of my happiest memories; being excited for Santa and waking up the parents so they could see what Santa brought me. Anyways, if you're able, I encourage everyone to adopt an Angel. The program ends this Saturday.


emotional diva said...

24 month and 2T are not the same. pretty close, but it's more to do with length than width because they hit a major growth spurt at that time. Since they have that growth spurt, 2T's are better for her. =) you did great!

you are so cute/awesome. i bet you had a blast doing that! and the families really enjoy it! i was at the receiving end and i do one every year as a way to give to others because i was so greatful to have been able to utilize it for myself and the girls after i left my ex husband.

merry christmas blaze!

Patience said...

I have no idea about clothes for toddlers. Wish I could help. I think this is an awesome idea and you are surely going to make this little girl's Christmas.

Jax said...

Awww love this! Good idea, girlie. :)