Friday, January 8, 2010

Grad School + Blaze =

I'm overwhelmed.  As you may know, I'm taking two graduate courses this semester.  I seriously feel like the dumbest person to enter grad school.  All we had to do day 1 was post a bio about ourselves.  I posted the damn thing in the wrong spot. And of course, once you post you can't take it away.  When I finally figured out where all my assignments are located, it appears that my entire class has already fulfilled the assignment.  How is that possible??  It's day one! Aren't we supposed to just get used to being in class?  I seriously didn't think being out of school for *gasp* 7 years would make a difference, but I think it has.

In other news, I no longer have a life, so I'm sure my posts will be boring.  I understand if you no longer want to read.


Patience said...

I felt the very same way when I started my first semester of Grad School. Everyone was always two steps ahead of me and I was like wtf? It does it easier and soon you will be posted before everyone else.

Jax said... crack me up and I'll still be reading. Duh. And I'd like to get a beverage soon with my fav grad student (that's you).