Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Post

What the hell is wrong with Facebook? I guess I'm not cool enough for the inside joke of blah blah blah because that's how I roll. Or misspelling tomorrow. Seriously people! That word reuses the same vowel, I promise. Rant over.

I've been having writer's block in almost every aspect of my life. Even my facebook statuses have been haulted by the block.  I've had ideas for posts and I can't seem to conceptualize them. I blame grad school, work, and Pat Robertson.

This week I worked like crazy, tried to stay on top of my school work and pretended to workout. My pretend workout consisted of walking at a local park but it was so muddy from all the snow that my workout partner and I just went for beers. I think I mentally benefited from the talk more than the walk. However, my couch to 5K challenge has resulted in more couch activity than anything else. I need to get back into that groove, especially since people keep reminding me that I’m running a 5K in March. Sometimes I need to learn to not tell people my goals.

I’ll leave you with a typical conversation of introducing myself to someone.

Me: “Hi. I’m Blaze, it’s nice to meet you.”
Someone: “Blaze huh? Were you born in a blaze of glory?”
Me: trying not to roll my eyes “No, but why don’t you tell me why you’ve applied for a position at this company?”


Maria said...

a) I'm glad I found your blog.
b) I like your workout style.
c) Which 5K are you running, because I need to find one around March time frame. I'm slow, but dang it, I need something to work towards!
d) I'm not sure why I used this outlining a, b, c, d stuff, but I do know that I kick myself when I misspell on facebook. Usually, I blame my iphone though.

blaze said...

I blame iphone too on my mispellings, but even it knows how to spell tomorrow. (i.e. not tomarrow)

McNellie's probably, which will end with good beer. I'm super slow so we can run together.

Maria said...

OK. Yes, that is bad.

McNellie's sounds like a good run for me. Are you already registered?