Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have you ever had one thing that consumed your every thought?

That happened to me yesterday. Every thought I had was around pop and how much I wish I could taste its deliciousness.

I gave up pop. I don't know why. It’s definitely not a health kick since I’m consuming more calories now than I did drinking pop. For some unknown reason, I just decided yesterday that instead of grabbing my normal diet Dr. Pepper that I would go for juice. I gave up pop cold turkey.

I swear I was crack addict coming down from a high. I had a huge headache that wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t stop thinking about my believed DP. Last night my temperature dropped way down and I was freezing in my warm house. It was sad people, sad. I snapped at my husband for every little thing that he did or didn’t do. Sorry babe!

I’m back to being sane. I don’t have a headache today. I haven’t craved for a pop yet either. I think I’m just glad I survived. I’m restarting the couch to 5K tonight. So hopefully I’ll still be able to reach my goal of running a 5K in March.


Melissa said...

I know how you feel! When I stopped eating meat a year ago, I would have dreams about eating bacon double cheeseburgers and wake up in a cold sweat. It lasted about two weeks and it was soooo frustrating!

Maria said...

I went through it too, but now I don't drink pop (exception for an occasional jack and diet coke) or coffee, and it is lovely. Water actually "tastes" amazing to me. :)

Lindsey said...

I gave up pop and had the same reaction.... it does go away but I swear the first week or so is the worst! Then I gave up coffee and that was even worse, the headaches were so bad.... but I promise it is definitely a kick in the right direction for the 5k and after this first week you will be in better spirits - they say the human body is habitual on a 30 day regim, so if you give up pop for 30 days strong you wont crave or want it any longer after that... keep it up! :)

Jax said...

I have to detox pop every so often... I quit b/c I'm having way too many and then slowly get it back into my life little by little. haha.. Oh how sad we are.. lol! :) We must dress in green for the race in March b/c we're both gonna do it! I'll be at Runners World again at 5:30 on Thurs for the group run. There's one tomorrow too at 5:30 but I'll be outta town. It's T/Th and then Sat mornings. :)