Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend and Football

I had this weird box saying photo not available pop up on my blog, so I got a new template and took down my header.  I think it's fixed, but we'll see.

This weekend was super busy.  I went to OKC to see a dear friend of mine.  I finally got to see Eclipse.  It was ok, I think I expect the movie to be too much like the book and it can never reach that expectation. But I got to analyze the crap out of it with a friend who enjoyed doing the same thing.

This was also a weekend for a wedding shower and my husband's 10 year high school reunion.  He keeps up  with five friends from high school.  They had a great time.  T-town is so small that I knew a lot of people he went to school with. 

Sunday I got some exercise by playing softball.  We're terrible.  It's almost comedy to watch us play.  We have 2-3 guys that are decent players and 2 girls that know how to catch the ball.  The rest of us just stand around and chase a softball when it comes our way.  We over throw, under throw, throw way off course which results in home runs for the other team.  My batting strategy is stand there and hope they walk me.  We're 12th out of 12 teams.  We're solidly holding that position.

I'm really looking forward to football.  October is going to be crazy.  We're flying to Chicago at the end of October to stay with friends and go the TU vs Notre Dame game.  We're going to Texas to watch the TU vs SMU game and then go to Houston for the Giants vs Texans game. Somewhere in the mix we're going to the TU vs OSU game.  Can't wait for football!

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